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The City of Mexico contacted me to bring em new technological ideas for being developed by the city.
My proposal was an audio guide app to discover all the magic that the city have to offer. To add a little twist this guides are going to be created by locals,
helping the tourist discover not only the classics that the city have but also the hidden gems. Every local also will make the audio guides to help the users
immerse in the experience.



UI /UX Approach.

For the UI / UX i wanted to feel natural and Intuitive, like when you are flipping the pages of a travel guide or picking brochures.
The solution was a system of cards that can expand to give more info and later transform into the actual map guide.
My focus was on keeping a clean design with the info straight in front of the user, taking in account the most natural gestures for an easy and intuitive experience.

Besides all the audio tours I add some quick buttons to bring important info for the user (like weather) and also quick access to contextualize all the tours that the app brings.


If you wanna try the prototype download Flinto on your iphone (only developed the Iphone 6 one)
and download this file to your phone.