AMAP Happitch APP

Teamed with Pequeño Cuervo we worked on a tool for the Asociación Mexicana de Agencias de Publicidad (AMAP) that allow agencies and advertisers to measure
the performance of the pitches, comparing them with other agencies so they can evaluate the risk of each pitch and helping them get better decisions for each pitch.
In the app the users can upload pitches or upload their status for a specific pitch and the app will evaluate comparing them with other users and give em a score for that
specific pitch so they can know what chances they have to win that pitch.
Also the app works as a list of agencies / advertisers that are affiliated to AMAP, in the app the users can search, view their work, get contact information, etc. 



UI /UX Approach.

For the UI / UX AMAP wanted to have a card system, where each content was contained in a card, with the background colors working as a guide to indicate the section that the user is.

For the style of the information we did a sober approach with some touches of  accentuated colors to bring the UI up.

The navigation is based on the card system making it super intuitive for the users, and keeping all interactions simple so its easy to use.