National Geographic Travel and Deli Estudio contacted us to develop the UI / UX for the travel app for the state of Oaxaca.
The app was aimed to work as a travel guide curated by National Geographic Travel, where the user can explore the different routes that the beautiful state of Oaxaca has to offer.
The users are able to navigate through all the different activities, views and points of the interest. Also the can read the NatGeo Picks to check the most important spots of the region
and also use the in app Map to check the location of different points, such as gas stations, restaurants, hotels. Etc.
The app also connects with the most important geolocation search-and-discovery service mobile app such as Foursquare, TripAdvisor and Yelp to give real time reviews of the most
important restaurants and hotels.
The app come with 360 photographs to invite the users explore the magic and beatiful views of the state of Oaxaca.



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